Lean sales for B2B startups

From prospecting through close, we help you achieve sales traction faster.

Supercharge your sales

We help B2B startups and fast-growth companies achieve sales traction. Using a lean approach, we help you align your entire organization – including sales, marketing and product – to drive more revenue, faster.

321 Sales Academy Programs

Sales 101

A full-day crash-course in B2B sales for business and technical founders and execs.

You’ll learn:

  • The role of sales vs. business development or marketing
  • Different sales approaches and how to pick the right approach for your business
  • Best practices required to win at sales
  • The importance of sales process, and how the right process leads to faster closes and bigger deals
  • How to get your entire company aligned to drive revenue – from sales to marketing to product
When: Winter 2018
Where: Calgary & Edmonton
Duration: 9am-5pm
Pre-requisite: None

$600 + gst


Lean Sales

This program includes 8, ½ day sessions plus a 1:1 coaching session.

Startup execs will:

  • Develop and implement a sales process that supports your buyers’ journeys
  • Nail your value proposition so your sales message in on target
  • Get your pricing right – in context of your customer ROI and your margins
  • Learn how to deliver great demos and presentations
  • Identify how to beat competitors and when to walk away
  • Learn how to focus on your most promising prospects
  • Understand how to negotiate, close and get to a signed contract more effectively
When: Winter 2018
Where: Calgary & Edmonton
Duration: 8 half-day sessions (YYC), 4 full-day sessions (YEG)
Pre-requisite: Sales 101

$1500 + gst

(Discounts available for multiple attendees per company)


Sales Tools

This workshop complements Lean Sales for Entrepreneurs.

Startup execs and marketing teams will:

  • Identify the “minimum viable” sales and marketing tools required to support their sales process
  • Refresh messaging to align with your sales approach
  • Review your sales demos, collateral and presentations, and get actionable feedback
When: Winter 2018
Where: Calgary & Edmonton
Duration: 9am-5pm
Pre-requisite: Lean Sales

$1000 + gst

(Discounts available for multiple attendees per company)


Scaling Sales (Coming soon!)

This workshop is for startup founders and execs preparing to scale their sales efforts.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Structure your sales team and set goals that motivate
  • Manage and report on your sales pipeline
  • Work effectively with marketing resources (both internal or external)
  • Key metrics for managing sales team performance
  • How to best use a CRM and other tools to manage sales ops
When: Winter/Spring 2018
Where: Calgary & Edmonton
Duration: 1 full-day & 1half-day sessions
Pre-requisite: Lean Sales

$1500 + gst

(Discounts available for multiple attendees per company)


Who’s it for?

321 Sales Academy was built for founders or senior members of a startup team, with responsibility for sales. You work in a B2B startup that is for-profit or a social enterprise. You have already developed an MVP, are on your way (or have achieved) product/market fit, likely have a few customers (or are close to landing some), and may have early revenue.

Most importantly, you’re fiercely committed to investing the time and effort to get sales results, and are willing to explore and apply fresh approaches.

What participants have to say…

321 Sales Academy is - hands down - the best executive development or training that I’ve ever participated in. I’m already recommending it to other founders and executives I know.

Jeff TaylorCEO of MyHeat

I’ve spent most of my career on the delivery side, and now appreciate what it takes to win at sales. We have simplified our pricing model, upgraded our sales tools and process, and closed a paid pilot with an international client – all in 3 months.

Kevin KonynenbeltCTO of Solv3D

Even though it’s not my first time as an entrepreneur, I found 321 Sales Academy provided great insights into how enterprise buyers buy, and how I need to adjust how I sell to get to a close.

Taylor AssalyIronHub

I have decades of business experience, but as a first-time tech entrepreneur, I found 321 Sales Academy to be of great value. The program helped me to accelerate my sales, and set me up for effective scaling of my business.

Melissa BestCEO Quick Estate

The program underlined the importance of accountability. I gained valuable discipline by attending each week and reporting on my progress. I'll definitely be keeping accountability practices in place as my business grows.

David LloydFredSense

I’m an experienced business and sales leader. But with a new venture in its early stages, this program helped me to hone my strategy, use my sales skills to improve my customer development, better articulate our value, and refine our investor pitch.

Derek MannsCEO, Lumin

I learned sales is not a superpower. I can do this!

Ozzy LangGreen Cup

Hands-on learning

321 Sales Academy doesn’t offer just “training” – our programs are hands-on experiential learning that guides your sales and marketing efforts. Every program is highly interactive, including hands-on exercises and time to work on applying what you learn in your business. Participants have access to program content and discussions on a private Slack channel.

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Our team

Carey Houston

Carey Houston is the founder of 321 Sales Academy. Carey has over 20 years experience in marketing, product, sales and business development with B2B tech and high-growth companies. She’s also an active volunteer mentor, and A100 member.

Carey Houston
Sarah Morrill

Sarah Morrill

Sarah Morrill helps deliver our programs. Sarah has over 10 years’ experience in marketing, project management and client service with small startups, and big brands.

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